Network management, partnerships and stakeholders

 Workshop 7.a.    Networks between the social and public sector

  • Annie Camus, Government-nonprofit relations: The maintenance challenge
  • Anders Bro & Olle Westin, On the road towards reinforced cooperation: Emerging structures for co-production between the public sector and the social economy TEXT
  • Ana Simaens & Nigel Roome, A systems approach to strategy in third sector organizations
  • Luc Dielis & Annick Waegeman, Social-business innovation in Antwerp: Innovation and market-oriented thinking in Antwerp’s social economy TEXT + PRESENTATION
  • Carmela Guarascio, Public and private aids: autonomy and sustainability of social and solidarity experiences. International comparison between Bahia and Calabria TEXT

 Workshop 7.b.          Networks and organizations

  • Benjamin Huybrechts & Julie Rijpens, Building legitimacy for new hybrid organizations: The case of renewable energy cooperatives in Europe
  • Enzo Pezzini, Les associations des coopératives. Potentialités, défis, modèles d’organisations
  • Zerdani Tassadit, Gouvernance de réseaux d’organisations collectives: Dynamique, processus et travail institutionnel
  • Marie-Claire Malo & Luc Audebrand, Le management stratégique d’un réseau d’organisations de l’économie sociale : L’Accorderie, Échanger et Coopérer

 Workshop 7.c.           Strategic issues in the agro business

  • Ana María García-Pérez, Cándido Roman-Cervantes & Marian García Martínez, From agribusiness cooperative to organism netchain or learning netchain?
  • Elena Meliá Martí & Mª Pía Carnicer Andrés, Financial and economic characterization of the major agri-food cooperative groups in the European Union TEXT + PRESENTATION
  • François Rouchet, Philippe Lebailly & Ton Vu Dinh, Sector del lichi Thieu en el distrito de Thanh Ha (provincia de Hai Duong, Vietnam): Estrategias de los productores y caso de la asociación de producción y comercialización del lichi Thieu de Thanh Ha

 Workshop 7.d.          Networks in a social perspective

  • Alexandra Moskovskaya, Oleg Oberemko & Marina Chernysheva, “Dependent” and “Independent” social enterprises: A comparative study of organizations in international perspective TEXT + PRESENTATION
  • Hajime Imamura, Accumulation of the relational skills in Japan for promoting horizontal solidarity of social economy enterprises in the provision of services of general interest
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