Plenary session 1

Avner BEN-NER, University of Minnesota, USA, "The globalised supply chain and the social economy" PRESENTATION

Plenary session 2

  • Philippe VAN PARIJS, Université Catholique de Louvain, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Oxford University, Belgium: "Social justice and the future of the social economy"
  • Benoît Lévesque, University of Québec in Montréal, Canada: "The social economy: in search of both an appropriate societal development model and an institutionalisation for its own development?" PRESENTATION

Semi-plenary session 1

Social economy and international stakeholders

  • Thierry JEANTET, President of "The Mont Blanc Meetings"
  • Leandro MORAIS, Campina State University (Brazil) presenting the initiatives of the Social Economy Focal Point, International Labour Office (ILO)  PRESENTATION
  • Catherine HOCK, Vice-President, International Relations, International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) PRESENTATION
  • Anne CLARK & Caroline BETTAN, Ashoka-Belgium PRESENTATION

Semi-plenary session 2

Presentation of some international studies on social economy

  • Ruben MONBALLIEU, McKINSEY & Cie, "McKinsey on Cooperatives" PRESENTATION
  • José Luis MONZÓN CAMPOS & Rafael CHAVES ÁVILA, CIRIEC, study on "The Social Economy in the European Union" realised for the EESC
  • Simon BROEK, Senior researcher /Managing partner, Ockham IPS (Institute for Policy Support), study by PANTEIA on "The Current Situation and Prospect of Mutuals in Europe" realised for the European Commission PRESENTATION
  • Danièle DEMOUSTIER & Rafael CHAVES ÁVILA, CIRIEC, "The Emergence of the Social Economy in Public Policy" PRESENTATION
  • Marie J. BOUCHARD, CIRIEC, "Issues on the Production of Statistics for the Social Economy" PRESENTATION

Welcom address at the cocktail on Thursday October, 24th by Leopold BEAULIEU, President of CIRIEC International


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