Social innovations, products and services

 Workshop 10.a.         Cooperatives to answer new social needs

  • Amita Dharmadhikary-Yadwadkar, Can the cooperative be an appropriate model for urban waste collection and disposal in India? A case study of swach, Pune, India
  • Christian Lautermann, Energy cooperatives as entrepreneurial actors of the energy transition
  • Dominika Potka?ska, DIO – Do It With Others. Emergency of community oriented food cooperatives in Poland as an example of social innovation (case of Warsaw)
  • Letícia Dal Picolo Dal Secco, Maria Lúcia Teixeira Machado, Maria Zanin & Ana Lúcia Cortegoso, Analysis of the Brasilian production of thesis and dissertations about recyclable material pickers with according of the conception of science of XXI century TEXT + PRESENTATION

 Workshop 10.b.        Developing SE enterprises

  • Jorge Hernando Molano VelandiaPerfil de competencias necesarias para que los emprendedores culturales creen y desarrollen empresas de economía solidaria en Colombia
  • Kazuhiko Mikami, Raising capital by issuing transferable membership in a worker cooperative
  • Khrystyna PavlykSocial innovation transfer or how social entrepreneurship started to evolve in Ukraine

 Workshop 10.c.         Public support; enterprise creation; social dialogue

  • Myriam Matray & Jacques Poisat, Les pôles de coordination de l’économie sociale et solidaire dans un territoire au service de l’innovation sociale et de l’émergence de nouveaux projets : deux exemples dans le Roannais TEXT
  • Maurício Roque Serva, Gustavo Matarazzo Rezende, Vanêssa Pereira Simon & Sérgio Luis Boeira, Technological incubators of popular cooperatives, an initiative university in engendering social and solidarity economy enterprises
  • Cecilia Navarra & Elena Vallino, Who had the idea to build up a grassroots organization? Some evidence from Senegal and Burkina Faso
  • Laura Nirello, Social dialogue in social economy organisations: A study of the relationship between employers and trade unions in the French social and medico-social sector TEXT

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