Guidelines for long papers:


  • Languages: French, English or Spanish
  • Format: WORD format
  • Papers’ length: minimum 6000 words – maximum 10 000 words, including references (15-25 pages).
  • Characters’ type: Arial 10. Use one line space between paragraphs.
  • Boxes, tables, graphs, figures must be included within the document, numbered and titled.
  • Title,  Author name(s),  affiliation(s), country, email contact must be indicated on the first page

 Please send it by email to before 1st September 2013.


Guidelines for oral presentations:


  • Languages: French, English or Spanish
  • Format: Power Point  - 10-12 slides maximum
  • Time: +/- 10-15 minutes (+discussion)

Please come to the conference with your oral presentation on an USB  flash drive (USB stick).


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