Publications perspectives

5 outlets for publications are already foreseen.

1. After the conference, papers presented will be published on the scientific website of the conference. Further a ISBN number will be attributed to an electronic version of the 4th ICOSE proceedings that will present those papers.

2. Some papers or plenary speeches will be subject to a selection process for an evaluation in view of a publication in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. CIRIEC’s international journal, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, already foresees a special issue.

3. The scientific reviews of CIRIEC National Sections also offer publications possibilities after the Conference in 2013-2015. List in PDF

4. Two editors (Peter LANG & La Charte/Die Keure) have already expressed their interest in publishing special volumes of selected papers of the Conference (separate information will be made available later on).

5. The electronic collection of CIRIEC Working Papers is open to publish some papers presented at the Conference.
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